Preschool Daily Class Schedule (click to view)
7:30am Early Arrival
8:50am Classrooms Open
9:00am Morning Warm-up
Greetings & Welcoming
Indoor Tables & Manipulatives
9:20am Clean-up & Transition to Morning Group
Good Morning Greeting
Introduce Helpers & Daily Jobs
9:30am Outdoor Exploration
10:25am Clean-up Playground & Line-up
10:25am Transition to Inside Group-Time
10:30am Toileting & Handwashing
10:40am Snack Time
Prayer. Sharing & Communication Building
10:45am Group Time #2. Discuss Activities & Events
11:00am Teacher Led Activities. Class Exploration
12:05pm Clean-up & Transition to Lunch
Prep for Lunch, Toileting & Handwashing
12:10pm Lunch. Sharing & Communication Building
12:30pm-3:00pm Napping & Resting for all Full-Day & Afternoon Children
12:45pm-1:00pm Clean-up Lunch, Transition to Rest
1:00pm Goodbyes
2:15pm Resters Transition to Team Building Games & Outside Exploration
3:00pm Napper Transition to Clean-up & Snack
3:05pm Clean-up Yard & Transition to Circle Time
3:10pm Toileting & Handwashing
3:15pm Cirlce Time & Sharing the Day’s Events
3:30pm Snack Time & Transition to Inside Free Choice
3:55pm Clean-up & Transition to Small Playground
4:00pm Transition to Small Playground for Oustide Exploration
4:30pm Transition to Larg Playground
5:00pm Center Closed / Merge with Combination Center

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Program Hours
Pre-School: 7:30am-5:00pm
School Age: 7:30am-5:30pm